Changes in Roles of Men over the Last Two Decades

Abstract The traditional role of the male has experienced gradual change for the last two decades. There are some activities that were believed to be strictly male affairs, and no woman would dare to venture into leave alone thinking about it. For instance, the male was entitled to take care of the whole family, provide […]

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Care for the Elderly

Among other emerging issues like terrorism and cyber security, there is a cropping Challenge of responsibility of taking care of the elders in the contemporary society. There are three main models that have attempted to offer a solution on the same. In regards to that, the discussion aims at explaining different models that have outlined […]

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According to Hastings, R. P. (2002), behavior is the manner in which an individual act, conducts oneself or relates to others. Children’s behavior greatly depends on the teachings they receive from their parents since they, children, follow examples of their parents. Behavior can either be right or wrong depending on the impacts of such action […]

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Stopping Bullying in Schools

The impact bullying has on students emotional and physical safety significantly influences their learning ability (Rigby, 2008). The most effective way to stop bullying is intervening before it happens. There are several strategies that schools apply to curb this dehumanizing behavior. Whether it is from educational programs, training, creating policies and rules, involving the parents […]

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Is animal testing necessary?

Animal testing that is also referred to as animal research is carrying out research experiments on animals using non-human animals. This testing is unnecessary, and scientists have developed better and more humane research methods. The methods include in vitro technology, computer modelling et al. (Pietro, 2010). They are cheaper and accurate methods as compared to […]

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